Can You Improve the Aerodynamics of a Tesla Model S with an Aftermarket Body Kit?

Welcome, car enthusiasts, to a deep dive into the world of aerodynamic upgrades for the Tesla Model S. With the launch of Tesla’s new Plaid Model S setting new standards for electric vehicle performance, many owners are looking to level up their own vehicles with aftermarket modifications. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of how these modifications, especially aftermarket body kits, might enhance a Tesla’s aerodynamics, performance, and overall style.

Unplugged Performance Upgrades

In many cases, aftermarket body kits are sought for their aesthetic appeal. However, Unplugged Performance offers upgrades that not only enhance the model’s appearance but also improve its aerodynamics. Unplugged, a company dedicated to Tesla modifications, offers a range of kits that can be customized to suit any Tesla Model S.

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The company’s Ascension Front Fascia upgrade offers a more aggressive look to the Model S, and it is claimed to improve high-speed stability with its new aerodynamic model. Similarly, their Side Skirt Set reduces aerodynamic drag and improves high-speed stability, according to the company’s tests.

Carbon Fiber Body Kits

Carbon fiber body kits are renowned for their lightweight and high-strength characteristics – properties that are beneficial for racing and high-performance applications. In addition, this material is known to have better resistance to the forces of wind, which can help enhance the aerodynamics of a car.

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One such kit is the RevoZport R-Zentric Aerokit, which is a comprehensive carbon fiber body kit for the Tesla Model S. The kit includes a front splitter, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a trunk spoiler, all designed to improve downforce and reduce drag.

Custom Wheel and Suspension Upgrades

While not directly a part of the body kit, wheel and suspension modifications can significantly impact a car’s aerodynamics. Larger, wider wheels can increase road contact and grip but could potentially increase drag. On the other hand, a lowered suspension can help reduce a car’s overall drag coefficient by lowering its center of gravity and reducing the amount of air flowing underneath.

Companies like Unplugged Performance offer both performance wheel and suspension kits for the Tesla Model S. The UP-03 wheels, for example, are engineered with a lightweight design to reduce rotational mass, thus improving overall vehicle efficiency and performance.

Rear Wing Mods for Improved Downforce

Rear wings, or spoilers, are a common sight in the world of racing and performance cars. They are designed to alter the air flow over the car’s body, creating downforce that helps to keep the car grounded at high speeds, thus enabling better handling and stability.

In the case of a Tesla Model S, adding a rear spoiler can help to improve its performance and handling characteristics. A good example is the Unplugged Performance High-Efficiency Trunk Spoiler, which is said to provide a significant increase in rear downforce when the car is driven at high speeds.

Plaid-Ready Racing Kits

With the launch of the Model S Plaid, Tesla has moved even further into high-performance territory. As a result, a new market has opened up for Plaid-specific modifications. These kits are designed to improve the already stellar performance of the Plaid models and are often used in racing applications.

Unplugged Performance, for example, offers a complete Plaid-ready racing kit, which includes a number of aerodynamic enhancements. The kit is comprised of a front lip spoiler, side skirts, and a rear diffuser, all of which are made from carbon fiber. The kit also includes a rear wing for added downforce, as well as custom suspension upgrades for improved cornering performance.

In conclusion, it is clear that the performance of a Tesla Model S can be significantly enhanced with the right aftermarket body kit. Not only can these kits provide a more aggressive, sporty look to the vehicle, but they can also bring tangible improvements in terms of aerodynamics and high-speed stability. However, always remember that any modifications should be carried out by professionals to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Interior Model Upgrades for Enhanced Comfort and Performance

Beyond exterior modifications, interior upgrades can also contribute to the performance of the Tesla Model S. Unplugged Performance has created a range of interior modifications that can enhance the comfort, aesthetics, and performance of the Tesla Model S.

For instance, the company’s sport seats are designed to provide a more secure and comfortable driving experience, particularly during high-speed maneuvers. These seats feature a sculpted design and high-quality materials that offer excellent support, reducing the potential for driver fatigue during long journeys.

Unplugged Performance also offers a Performance Steering Wheel upgrade. This upgrade features a more ergonomic design than the standard Tesla Model S steering wheel. It also includes a flat-bottom design for a sportier look and feel.

Moreover, interior modifications can include displays that provide real-time aerodynamic data. Such displays can help the driver understand how their driving behavior or environmental conditions are affecting the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Instrument panels, trim, and other interior components can also be made from carbon fiber to further reduce the car’s weight and improve its performance. The interior of the car definitely plays a role in the overall performance of the vehicle.

Performance Brakes Model S

A high-performing car like the Tesla Model S needs equally high-performing brakes. Unplugged Performance offers a Performance Brake upgrade for the Tesla Model S, designed to cope with the increased strain that comes with high-speed driving and the use of aftermarket body kits.

The Performance Brake upgrade features larger rotors and more substantial calipers that can provide stronger stopping power and better heat dissipation. Additionally, the use of high-performance brake pads can offer improved stopping performance, especially under heavy braking conditions.

Unplugged Performance also suggests that their Performance Brakes are lighter than the stock brakes, offering a slight reduction in unsprung weight which can further enhance the Model S’s handling and performance.

In conclusion, while aerodynamics plays a key role in the performance of the Tesla Model S, there’s no doubt that other aspects such as interior upgrades and braking systems also contribute significantly. Modifying a Tesla Model S involves a comprehensive approach, addressing all parts of the car for optimal performance. Always ensure that you entrust your vehicle to qualified professionals for any modifications. With the right upgrades, your Tesla Model S can deliver a driving experience that matches its sleek, futuristic appearance.