How to Build a Support Network for UK Female Entrepreneurs in Tech?

In the ever-evolving world of tech, there’s a growing need to empower and support women entrepreneurs. Despite the increasing representation of women in the tech industry, they still face a myriad of challenges, including access to funding, mentorship, resources, and networks. This article delves into how to build a solid support network for UK female tech entrepreneurs. It offers insights into how they can harness the power of online communities, mentorship programs, networking events, and much more. It’s time to pave the way for more female founders in the tech industry!

Harnessing the Power of Online Communities

The digital revolution has brought along numerous online platforms that connect women entrepreneurs globally. These platforms serve as virtual meeting points where women can share ideas, exchange resources, and provide mutual support.

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To start with, LinkedIn has become a vital tool for professional networking. Female entrepreneurs should utilise this platform to connect with like-minded professionals and potential mentors in the tech industry. Groups such as ‘Female Entrepreneur Association’ and ‘Women in Tech’ are especially beneficial.

Facebook offers a wealth of groups catering explicitly to female entrepreneurs in tech. These include ‘Tech Ladies’, ‘Women in Tech UK’, and ‘Women Who Code’. Participating in these groups provides opportunities to learn from other women’s experiences, ask for advice, and even find potential business partners or clients.

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More narrowly focused platforms such as Elpha and The Helm are also excellent resources. They offer unique networking opportunities, industry-specific advice, and access to funding opportunities dedicated to women entrepreneurs.

Leveraging Mentorship Programs

A key aspect of any support network is mentorship, which can significantly influence an entrepreneur’s venture. For female tech entrepreneurs, having a mentor who understands their unique challenges can be invaluable.

In the UK, several programs are dedicated to providing mentorship for women in tech. TechUp Women is one such initiative that offers a year-long training and mentorship program. It aims to retrain women in tech and provide them with the necessary skills and confidence to excel in their careers.

Similarly, Code First: Girls is a social enterprise committed to transforming tech by providing the necessary skills, space, and inspiration for women to become tech entrepreneurs. Their mentorship program pairs up-and-coming female tech entrepreneurs with experienced industry professionals.

Networking Events and Resources

To propel their businesses forward, female tech entrepreneurs need to be in the loop about the latest industry trends, resources, and networking events.

Events such as the Women of Silicon Roundabout and The Everywoman in Tech Forum bring together women in tech from all over the UK. They offer opportunities for networking, learning, and showcasing one’s work.

Online resources are also aplenty. Websites such as Women Who Tech and Women in Tech World Series offer resources ranging from webinars, articles, job boards to databases of women in tech. They also showcase success stories of female entrepreneurs to inspire and motivate others.

Access to Funding

Access to funding is a significant challenge for women entrepreneurs in tech. While strides have been made in recent years, there’s still a long way to go.

To combat this, a variety of initiatives now focus on supporting women tech entrepreneurs with funding. For instance, We in Social Tech is a London-based accelerator that provides growth support and up to £15,000 in grant funding for female-led tech businesses. Similarly, the UK Angel Investment Network has a section dedicated to women entrepreneurs, connecting them with potential investors.

Building Your Own Local Network

While online networks, mentorship, and centralized resources are fantastic, nothing beats having a local network of supportive like-minded women entrepreneurs.

Forming a local network can be as simple as organising regular meet-ups or establishing a co-working group. Local universities, business hubs, and female-focused organisations may also host networking events targeted at female entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, building a support network is crucial for female entrepreneurs in tech. By leveraging online communities, mentorship programs, networking events, resources, and funding opportunities, they can navigate through the challenges and thrive in the tech industry. While the road may be challenging, it’s definitely worth the journey.

The Integral Role of Emotional Support and Mental Health

The journey of entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs. In such a volatile environment, emotional support plays a crucial role in maintaining mental health and overall wellbeing. Many female entrepreneurs, particularly in the tech sector, often find themselves in high-stress situations that can take a toll on their mental health.

Women-focused business communities can help by providing emotional support, creating an environment where women entrepreneurs can share their challenges, fears, and triumphs. They can also offer advice and solutions to common business problems, fostering a sense of belonging among members.

Organizations like Anxiety UK and the Mental Health Foundation offer resources and guidance to help entrepreneurs manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. There are also various wellness apps such as Headspace and Calm, offering guided meditation and stress management techniques.

Mental health should not be overlooked, as it is a key factor in personal success and productivity. These support networks provide an outlet for entrepreneurs to not only share their business experiences but also discuss their emotional and mental health struggles, making them feel less alone in their journey.

The Importance of Peer Support in Early Stage Businesses

For early stage female entrepreneurs, peer support is invaluable. It offers a platform where business owners can share experiences, learn from each other, and grow together. Peer support helps entrepreneurs build relationships, gain insights, and learn best practices from others who have been in similar situations.

Business networks such as Enterprise Nation and Women in Business Network (WBN) are excellent platforms for female entrepreneurs to connect, learn and grow. They provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, and learning from peers.

Another excellent source of peer support is mastermind groups. These are small groups of entrepreneurs who meet regularly to discuss their challenges, set goals, and hold each other accountable. The Female Founders Mastermind is an example of such a group, which is specifically tailored for women entrepreneurs.

Peer support is crucial in the initial stages of a business. It provides a sounding board for ideas, a support system during challenging times, and a motivator to keep pushing forward.


In conclusion, building a robust support network is a fundamental aspect of women entrepreneurship, particularly in the tech industry. By harnessing the power of online communities, leveraging mentorship programs, attending networking events, accessing resources, and seeking funding opportunities, female entrepreneurs in the UK can overcome the challenges they face.

Emotional support and mental health are also crucial to the success and longevity of any entrepreneur. Thus, fostering a community where feelings and experiences can be shared and discussed is essential.

Peer support, especially for early stage female entrepreneurs, can provide invaluable insights and guidance. Through these networks, women can learn from each other’s experiences, share resources, and collaborate on projects, creating a supportive and empowering environment.

With these networks and resources in place, the UK tech industry can pave the way for more female founders, empowering them to thrive and make their mark in the tech world. Despite the challenges, the journey to entrepreneurship is a rewarding one, and with the right support, the possibilities are endless.